martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Dear Ana Bottle :

I just hallucinate little cucumbers with your discourse. I just can say "shit yourself littl parrot" and "the mother who gave birth to you!"

I know is not turkey mucus to talk in english, but sincerely, you have more face than back, you should go to fry asparagus or to throw a white hair into the air. You are a morning singer, a ball-toucher and also your wing sings.

Yes, you look like Peter by his house when you speak english and that put me of bad milk.

So I don´t tell you anything and I tell you everything; don´t eat my pot and please go shitting milks out of this country, to the fifth pine, to sleep the monkey female or to another thing butterfly, because send eggs!! we were too few and the grandmother gave birth! you are always giving the note, did anybody teach you that in shut mouth flies do not enter?

You are the milk!!! and the cock in vinegar!!!

Now I´m leaving otherwise I will mount a chicken, but specially because it´s falling the octopus one.

Let a lightening split you.

E-mail recibido en mi correo y que le sigue la corriente a la alcaldesa de Madrid en su propio estilo de hablar la lengua de Shakespeare.